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No Reservation Required For Walk-Ins

We seat on a first come first serve basis. Just come on in to the studio and bring your imagination!

However, if you'd like to take a Pottery Class or 5 Week Courses, you must sign up for them in advance. 

You can do so by clicking


Klaystation is Raleigh’s best pottery painting studio.
We offer hundreds of different pieces to choose from so you can create your own masterpiece.


fCreativity is the name of the game at Klaystation! We are a pottery painting studio where you can glaze pre-made pottery. Whether you are looking for a unique party idea, want to create your own gifts for family and friends, or just want to enjoy the art of having fun, Klaystation is the place!

Hello and Welcome to Klaystation.  We are a Walk-in based Paint on Pottery Studio.

We provide everything you need to create personalized gifts, unique dinnerware, and one of a kind home accessories. Choose from our huge selection of pre-fired bisqueware. You don’t have to be a Monet to create a masterpiece! For the artistically impaired or novice painter, we have plenty of easy techniques we can show you to inspire and assist you. We have design aids and expert instruction. All this is offered in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

How It Works:


  • The first thing we have EVERYONE do when they walk in is, Wash their hands.  We need to wash the natural oils off of our skin before we handle any of the raw pottery.

  • Once your hands are washed, pick out your desired piece. (prices are on the bottom and that price includes everything except for tax)

  • Now that you have your piece, one of our studio attendants will bring you our Glaze Menu.

  • We will help you come up with a plan to paint your piece. 

  • Paint your piece to your satisfaction.

  • We’ll take it from here. We’ll clear glaze and food items & fire everything in one of our kiln.

  • Pick up your masterpiece in seven to ten days.



At Klaystation, there is no studio fee. The price you see on the piece of bisque is the final price (except for tax of course). Our price includes all supplies, glazing and firing in our on-site kilns.

Custom Ordering:

If you don't have the time to paint it yourself, our talented staff can paint a custom piece for you. Just give us some details on how you want your piece to look and we can have it ready for you within 1-3 weeks. (depending on your requested design)

Acrylic Painting:

Did you know?!...You can paint any of our pottery pieces with acrylic paint and take them home SAME DAY!  Take 30% OFF the marked price of any ceramic item.  

These pieces won't be food safe or even water safe.  They will be purely for decoration.

(Click for more info.)

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