Laser Station

Klaystation is proud to announce the arrival of our amazing GlowForge laser.  This laser can cut or engrave materials such as wood and acrylic.


We offer a variety of custom items that you can design and have ready within 24 hrs.

Draw your design in our studio or print one of the templates below to draw from the comfort of your home.

Follow these easy steps to personalize your very own laser engraved item.

Laser Station How To
Laser Station - How To

Step 1:

Choose a Template


(click the design you wish to create.)

keychain base.png

Fridge Magnet

Luggage Tag


Luggage top.png

Mini Puzzle


Step 2:

Draw a Design

Using a Black Sharpie or dark marker, draw your design using solid lines.  Do smaller details with a fine tip marker.  I like to use a pencil first, just in case you mess up.  Using a ball point pen can result in the lines/designs being too thin and not showing up that well.

Step 3:


Once you've got your design drawn out, scan it to your device.  Using an actual scanner will work the best, but you can use a scanning app.

Your order will be completed within 24hrs

(Depending on the size and detail of design/template.)

Click which one you'd like to purchase down below, then upload your design, and you can purchase your very own customized Laser Engraved gift.

Ask about creating

Custom Designs.

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